Tuesday, April 8, 2008

HAHAHAHA, no way! Now really, EA whatthehellareyoudoing??

This post is Rock Band related, by the way. When it was released in the States, Rock band was a full package. It included all the instrument controllers, microphone and the game itself. This pack was 170 dollars.

Europe once again gets raped up the bum in pricing, but this time it's so bad it's good. Like, they're going to release two Rock Band products. One with the instruments and mic but without the game, and another with the game but without any instruments or mic. (STOP LAUGHING ALREADY, I HAVEN'T FINISHED.)

The first, humm...bundle? will cost 170€/130£. That's about 267 dollars just for the instruments. If you then go crazy and open the box, (thus ruining it's value completely and rendering it unsuitable for a full refund) it's probably because you might want to play the game. Well that'll set you back another 70€/50£... 240€/180£ for a game. That's 378 dollars, lol.

NO FUCKING WAY. That is all.

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